Mudiwa Hood- the hip-hop star who went to college

Slaying: Mudiwa Hood, one of the few local rappers with University degrees
  • he popularised Zim hip hop gospel music
  • has been involved in philanthropic works

EDUCATION and possessing a University degree may not be part of the hip hop culture, but flamboyant rapper Mudiwa Hood’s narrative tells a different story.

He has used his education to change the game and his hip hop practice is a bit ‘above the rim’.

In the United States, the fortress of hip-hop culture, there are the likes of Kanye West, who actually boasted about his lack of education through an album ‘College Dropout’ which went platinum!

Back home Mudiwa Hood chose a different path.   

He boasts of three University degrees and is studying towards his PHD.

Mudiwa holds a BSc Economics, BSc Phycology and a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) acquired from Africa University.

 He is currently studying towards his Bachelor of Philosophies Degree (PHD).

In an interview with this publication on Wednesday, Mudiwa said he grew up in a family which told him that education is the key to success.

“When I was growing up, my mum used to tell me that son, the greatest treasure you can get is knowledge and I acquired it through education,” said the flamboyant rapper.

Asked on how he balances music and education, he said:

“There is nothing like balance, everything in life is a struggle and you need to put work into it and remember that real men pray hard and work hard. 

“That is why you will never bump into me in the streets; I will be working, pushing  both my academic side  and my art.

“I push my art via social media because I embrace technology.

“I have become an influencer and that is how you push your art in this digital era, you won’t make much money through shows or showboating in the streets in this part of the world,” he said.

Mudiwa Hood pictured with rival rapper Stunner (left)

Mudiwa said he has become a transformation speaker and has been going around universities delivering lectures.

“Instead of doing live shows, I have used my other passion and hobby of motivational speaking to transform lives of the youths.

“Look here, we are the future and I would love to see a smart generation which stays far away from drugs and stuff.

“Obviously, the students end up asking me to drop one or two songs and I am glad to do so because my music is also motivational and inspirational,” said the Ndaita Mari hitmaker.

Mudiwa started off as a secular musician but changed to gospel after a ‘Damascene moment’ came when he had a car accident.

“Well, yes I was a secular musician but my lyrics were clean and social commentary.

I then turned to gospel after I had a near death experience in a car accident and I saw the light.

I do gospel all the way,” said the man who popularized gospel hip-hop music in Zimbabwe.

When asked to explain about his seemingly flashy  lifestyle , Mudiwa laughed it off.

“What flashy life my brother, I’m just been me, I just live my life the way the next brother lives his.

“I run my own race; you know what I’m saying.

“I am just a God fearing young man who grew up in Chitungwiza and took myself out of the hood (sic) but the hood remains part of me .

“ That is why I’m embarking on  transformational speaking where I want the youths to undergo behavioural metamorphosis and stop hating on the next brother,” said Mudiwa wearing his trademark smile that got ladies comparing him to the late Kobe Bryant.

Mudiwa’s garage has a fleet four cars, two Mercs and two BMWs.

This reporter asked him about his worth and he said.

“My brother, that job is for Forbes, what I can tell you is I’m happy and thank God for blessing me with the several properties and cars I own,” he said.

He recently displayed his philanthropic side when he visited a headmaster who was accused of stealing and pampered him.

Mudiwa is married and is blessed with a son named after him.


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