MDC A Congress build up: Mtunzi speaks out on violence

Admitted at Chitungwiza General Hospital Emergency Ward on Saturday after being ran over by a white Fortuner belonging to Zengeza East Legislator Goodrich Chimbaira following a heated argument at the MDC District Congress, former Chitungwiza deputy mayor Jabulani Mtunzi lashed out at the MDC Alliance violence.

Mtunzi, popularly known as Major is the MDC Youth Assembly Provincial Chairperson, narrated what happened on the fateful day where they were gathered to elect their district leadership.

“The problem is that Chimbaira never liked me as a person, he is a very violent man and I do not condone violence, that is the main reason why he hates me to the extent of hurting me like this,” said Mtunzi.

“He ran over me with his white Fortuner and his thugs started beating me while I was down, they even stole my cell phone and if you want to get in touch with me you have to call my wife,” added the MDC Provincial Youth Chairperson.

Mtunzi who was arrested last month over the January 14 Shut Down broke his silence about the issue saying that he believed Chimbaira was involved in his arrest and charges which were leveled against him though he was acquitted at Makoni Magistrate Court.

I have been his (Chimbaira) target for quite some time, if you remember my recent arrest over the January fuel Shut Down, he gave someone RTGS$2000 (Name Supplied) to make sure I get locked up but justice will always prevail and this time he decided to harm me physically after he had failed to do that mentally,” narrated Mtunzi.

Mtunzi also dismissed the notion which suggest that he aligned to Douglas Mwonzora saying those are statements of jealous people like Chimbaira whom he said felt intimidated when his camp mobilised well at the District Congress.

Look here my brother we prepared well for the congress and we mobilised people within our structures to go and vote at the District congress and Chimbaira decided to go the violent way and disrupt the election which was very unfortunate.”

According to Mtunzi he reported the matter at Makoni Police station and he was advised to get medical attention first.

Mtunzi also said that violence has no place in Chitungwiza and the MDC as a whole and perpetrators of violence should be brought to book.

Violence has no place in Chitungwiza politics and in our DNA as MDC there is no violence, I call upon everyone in the party not to be involved in violence and those who are involved in violence should be brought to book,” said Mtunzi

Despite Party Spokesperson Jacob Mafume’s dismissal that Mtunzi was in hospital and the narration that he was ran over by Chimbaira, the Zim Morning Post visited Mtunzi at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

Mafume later shifted his stance and said the security guys from the MDC will investigate the matter.

“If it is true then it is unfortunate, the matter should be investigated by our security team and action should be taken,” said Mafume.