Massive sex scandal rocks Anglican Church, dark secrets exposed

MUTARE – Troubled Anglican Church Diocese of Manicaland has been rocked by another scandal, this time involving matters of the amorous realm.

Zim Morning Post can exclusively reveal that a church is been haunted by a  massive sex scandal involving a popular reverend and a colleague’s wife, a shameful act that has exposed the dark secrets, deceptions and cover ups by high ranking officials aligned to the highly controversial Bishop Eric Ruwona who heads the diocese.
Position Chikuruwo, who is not new to storm, a reverend at St Emmanuel Anglican church in Hob House high density suburb in Mutare was last Friday  caught in a compromising position with Lynnette Manyumwa who is married to a fellow reverend Talent Makanga.
While the contentious Bishop Ruwona tried in vain to water down the atrocious act and protect his blue-eyed boy Chikuruwo, some church elders, both family members and Makanga himself confirmed of the awful
“Yes we can confirm that this (sexual act) happened. As we speak right now they (Talent Makanga and Lynnette Manyumwa) are on separation, as divorce processes are ongoing,” said a family member representing the
Makanga family.
On Saturday, an urgent meeting was held at Makanga’s residence at St Johns Cathedral in Mutare that saw Chikuruwo who is also married, some
church elders including one Samutereko and Chikore who are Ruwona’s alleged bootlickers attending to desperately solve the disgraceful issue.
Members from both Chikuruwo and Makanga families were also in attendance.
“Yes, we had a meeting at Makanga’s residence where we tried to solve the issue.

Reverend Chikuruwo admitted to his adulterous affair and apologised. So what has left is for the families to have further discussions and then see what will happen there after.

“At the moment they are on separation,” said a church elder who attended the meeting.
The wife also admitted to the ‘Jezebel crime’.
Falling under immense pressure and out of shame, Chikuruwo spilled the beans on  Lynnette’s bed hopping habits alleging that she  has been also having other affairs with two other named reverends and another church member who is at the Anglican
Church Diocese of Manicaland head office.
Details are that last Friday there was a party at Portia Magada’s residence, another divisive church member aligned to Ruwona, where some single and married church members wined and dined.
Late at night, a drunken Chikuruwo refused to go to his residence in Hob House, but decided to go with Makanga to his residence.
At the house, the two had a bottle of whiskey, but, they ran out of chasers  and  Makanga then told Chikuruwo to go together to look for dilution, but Chikuruwo refused harbouring his ulterior motive .
However, Makanga left Chikuruwo in the lounge. Makanga purported to have left the place, but, climbed the pre- cast wall using the back entrance and hid within the walls of his bedroom.
The details further say Makanga heard the door from his bedroom where his wife Lynnette was sleeping being opened and his wife went out and
met Chikuruwo.

The two talked briefly in the lounge and they proceeded
to the spare room. While in the spare room, it is alleged that Makanga went to the main door to open but it was locked.
He then phoned a relative who was sleeping in another spare room to open the main door for him. The relative then opened the main door.
Makanga and the relative then went to the spare room where Chikuruwo and Lynnette were caught red handed in the act, while both naked and having unprotected sex.
Chikuruwo is not new to controversy.

Sometime in 2016, a police report
was filed against him for allegedly sexually abusing a grade seven pupil. In trying to protect Chikuruwo the controversial Ruwona transferred him overnight to St Michaels Anglican Church in Mutasa
However, the courts acquitted him.
While at St Michaels, Chikuruwo is alleged to have left the place in a huff after being alleged to have bedded a cousin in another brazen incest case.
In shame, the alleged sex pest, Chikuruwo,  tendered his resignation as a reverend of the church, but again, the controversial Ruwona turned down the resignation and instead deployed him at St Emmanuel in Hob
Questions have been asked why the ‘sinning’ reverends remain within the diocese, as they are being shuffled from one unsuspecting parish to another, and all the while the number of their sexually-abused victims
Chikuruwo refused to comment over the allegations.
Contacted for a comment, Ruwona said: “As a church we have not yet received that report (sexual misconduct).

We have only read that on the social media.”
He added: “But on cases of that matter, the church has processes and systems to deal with that. The Bishop has his court. We want evidence.
So when we have that evidence, our Diocesan Secretary will deal with
However, concerned observers have said Chikuruwo’s case is another
classic example of rotten leadership within the putrid diocese that has gravely tarnished the image of one of the biggest churches in the world.
 Chikuruwo’s continuous protection from the embattled and continuously faulting Ruwona is expected to knock the lid off of a culture steeped
in deceit, which has kept sexual misconduct secrets and fostered an atmosphere where several well-organized sexual rings could be developed, grow and flourish within the Anglican church.
There are fears that the Anglican Church has provided harrowing houses
of horror that is spreading sexual terror in the popular church.
Concerned Manicaland Anglican Diocese members are concerned by the
Zambia based Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Central
Africa, Albert Chama and the Episcopal Synod of the Anglican Church
for failing to appropriately act on Ruwona and his cabal giving speculation that he (Chama) is involved in the scandals.
The unpopular Ruwona and his faction are facing stinking allegations of wanton suspension of priests, corruption, maladministration and
abuse of church funds amounting to over $2 million.