Madzokere makes embarrassing gaffe


Recently released opposition activist Tungamirai Madzokere on Sunday hit out at Yvonne Musarurwa for alleging that Douglas Mwonzora engineered his release from his 20-year-jail-term so he may, in turn, return the favour by batting in the corner of the MDC president.

He later sent an audio message to Yvonne Musarurwa apologising for his unrestrained attack on her and the Mwonzora led MDC, saying he had made the comments as “damage control” amid heat from MDC Alliance officials who saw his meeting with Musarurwa as a manoeuvre to cross floors to the Mwonzora camp

Musarurwa had paid Madzokere a courtesy call last week which sparked rumours that Madzokere was being lured to Mwonzora’s camp.

After the visit, Madzokere then went on to record an audio alleging that Musarurwa had taken to social media to claim that his release was pre-arranged and based on an agreement between Mwonzora, the Executive and the Judiciary.

Madzokere alleged that Musarurwa had told all in sundry that his release was guaranteed on the basis that the Mwonzora led party would lend support to Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 2) Bill when it passed through Parliament.

“Look, Zimbabwe is supposed to be a constitutional democracy; complete with the doctrine of separation of powers. But now we hear that after spending eight-long years of useless incarceration, it was not the judiciary which set the two of us free, that is, if Musarurwa’s version is to be listened to,” Madzokere can be heard saying in the audio which he has now said was a damage control measure.

“That’s absurd. If the judiciary had wanted me and Maengehama to believe that version, then they would have called us for a briefing to that end,” Madzokere went on to tell Zim Morning Post.

“The two of us – Maengehama and myself – were never called by judiciary, throwing the intended deal between ourselves and the judiciary into disarray. “Is it possible for two to walk together unless the agree? Obviously not,” Madzokere said rhetorically.

“Well, I hope my friend Musarurwa sees things the way most of perceive them. During the Government of National Unity when Robert Mugabe was still president, he ordained President Nelson Chamisa as the supersonic minister. Now, with Mnangagwa coming to his sunset moment, he will also soon pave way for Chamisa to take over the national presidency and refer to him as the supersonic President,” Madzokere said.

Reached for comment Musarurwa, told Zim Morning Post that she had since received an apology from Madzokere over his tirade.

She furnished Zim Morning Post with the former Glen View ward 32 councillor’s second audio pleading for forgiveness saying the pair should put the episode behind them and remain friends as they had stuck it out together through hard times together during imprisonment for alleged murder.

Maengahama, Madzoker together with Musarurwa were convicted in 2016 for murdering Petros Mutedza, a ZRP Inspector on 29 May 2011. However, Musarurwa was released from prison in March 2018 under a presidential pardon.

The Supreme Court then recently ordered the release from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison of Maengahama and Madzokere, where they had been detained since 2016 after they were convicted and sentenced to serve 20 years for allegedly murdering a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer.

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