You are currently viewing Kuvacash Remit and Bard Santner join forces to leave more money in your pocket

Kuvacash Remit and Bard Santner join forces to leave more money in your pocket

Kuvacash and Bard Santner are working together to combine leading edge technology and a nationwide footprint to provide easy to use, fast and cost-effective remittances from the UK, with the aim of leaving more money in your pocket.

LONDON — Kuvacash Remit and Bard Santner Inc have entered a strategic partnership, combining Kuvacash’s advanced remittance technology and Bard Santner’s extensive payout network and product range.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in remittances they become more secure, convenient and affordable. Also, as the first financial product used by many people in the developing world, remittances often act as a stepping-stone to accessing a menu of financial services; as such, they are a vital pillar in modern day financial planning. The Kuvacash-Bard Santner Partnership brings together technology and financial products to deliver successful transformations and outcomes for clients.

“Remittances are a massive global industry that digital players are just beginning to disrupt. Such partnerships like this one allow us to stay ahead of the curve,” said Lucia Chingwaru, Executive Director – Bard Santner Inc

“Furthermore, establishing partnerships between remittance-service providers and other existing networks helps expand remittance services without requiring large, fixed investments to develop payment networks. These cost savings can then be passed on to customers.”

Clients sending money from the UK are now able to collect from Bard Santner’s extensive payout network nationwide which includes Harare, Bulawayo, Hwange and Victoria Falls. To use the system, UK customers can simply go to and follow the easy steps.

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