JUST IN: RBZ governor dismisses Mthuli Ncube ‘fight’

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya has responded to media reports that he had an angry exchange of words with Finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

He said the false information was peddled with intention of confusing the market.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Morning Post  Friday afternoon, Mangudya scoffed at the suggestion that he ‘fought’ with Ncube.

“Well, this is laughable. In fact that meeting never happened and the Monetary Policy Statement is going ahead but I was busy having engagements with the visiting IMF team,” he said.

“The fake news was created out of a figment of imagination meant to confuse the market.

“The monetary statement will be presented when due ,” he said.

There has been speculative reports that Mangudya and Ncube were clashing over bond notes and monetary policy since Mangudya superintendents over the monetary policy while Ncube is responsible for the fiscal policy.

The central bank governor has cleared the air over the alleged animosity.

Ncube also posted on his microblogging site Twitter saying the story is “fake news.”