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Israeli Businessmen Titans Target Prophet Magaya for US$2.5 Million Theft

Israeli Businessmen Titans Target Prophet Magaya for US$2.5 Million Theft

Prophet Walter Magaya, the founder of PHD, finds himself in a precarious position as a group of determined Israeli businessmen set their sights on legal action for US$2.5 theft.

They have expressed their intention to take the matter to international courts if local courts, which they perceive as being influenced, fail to provide relief.

Seeking Justice and Legal Action

In a statement given to The Mirror, the businessmen affirmed their unwavering resolve to recover their money. They stated that they will spare no effort to hold Magaya accountable for his alleged actions. Their statement emphasized their readiness to pursue legal recourse in international courts, should justice not be served in local jurisdictions.

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The Power to Take Action

The businessmen, who entrusted the funds to Magaya through Ambassador Ronny Levi Musan, the Consul General of Zimbabwe in Israel appointed by President Mnangagwa, assert that they possess the necessary resources and influence to confront Magaya and seek recompense. They made it clear that they will not relent until their honor and financial interests are restored.

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Deception and Misuse of Influence

Expressing their astonishment, the businessmen highlighted their shock at discovering prophets in Zimbabwe who exploit the name of God to defraud investors. They also expressed dismay at businessmen who manipulate photographs featuring President Mnangagwa to deceive foreign investors. He cautioned that not everyone pictured with the President possesses the same integrity as the nation’s leader.

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Alleged Disappearance and Offer of Bribery

Magaya, who allegedly received the funds for a joint gold mining project, reportedly promised the businessmen a 43% share while retaining 57% for himself. However, after receiving the money, Magaya purportedly vanished and frequently changed his cellphone number. The investors were further surprised when Magaya allegedly offered the Consul General $500,000 of the US$3 million.