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Harare shoot-out robber faces 13 robbery charges

Harare shoot-out robber faces 13 robbery charges

A notorious armed robber who was one of two robbers who survived a fierce shoot-out at the home of former detective Joseph Nemaise has been arrested and remanded in custody.

Francis Takura, aged 33, is facing 13 counts of armed robberies around Zimbabwe’s capital.

The National Prosecuting Authority on Thursday requested for more time to conduct further investigations while Takura is kept behind bars until December 28 – his next remand date.

The complainants in the first three counts are James Rikonda of Hatfield, Learnmore Ushe and Tichaona Maworere.

It is the State’s case that on November 5 this year at around 0300 hours, Rikonda was sleeping in his bedroom with his wife when he heard some footsteps in the passage and before he woke up four unknown accused persons opened his bedroom door. 

It is alleged that one of the accused persons was armed with an AK47 rifle and the other one was armed with an unidentified type of pistol and they were all wearing balaclavas. They ordered Rikonda and his wife to lie down and remain silent at the same time demanding for cash.

The court heard that they ransacked the house and took US$11 550-00 from the complainant, Iphone 12 pro max with an Econet line, a pair of Timberland shoes, a baby bag, a Rollex wrist watch, a 9mm Norinco pistol serial number 40018004. 

It is alleged that the accused persons demanded for more cash but Rikonda told the accused persons that he keeps cash at his work place. They then demanded for his Toyota Hilux GD6 registration number AFK 3114 white in colour and force marched him and his wife into the motor vehicle.

One of the accused persons took control of the motor vehicle and other three accused persons and they proceeded to the complainant’s work were they opened the back door of the office and went into safe room were complainant opened the safe for the accused persons and they took US$10,000. The accused persons together with complainant and his wife went back to the complainant place of residence.

Upon arrival another complainant Ushe was standing outside his room in the back of the main house and he was assaulted by the accused persons and they took Hp Laptop serial number numbers not known, Xiaomi Note 7 cellphone with an Econet line, and another complainant Maworere’s property comprising of one black Tablet, a blue Nokia cellphone, an Itel small cellphone, a Black Samsung small cellphone, an HP 620 Laptop black in colour, a grey HP Laptop, a sports bag adidas label, 2x Nokia C1iphones, 6 pairs shoes, an assortment of jewellery and necklaces and bracelets.

It is further alleged that the complainants in count four to nine are Tonderai Nunurai, Edith Madanhi, Daniel Nadzo, David Chaleka, Irene Chitura and Wadzanai Munhanga.

It is alleged that December 1, at around 2000 hours, Madonhi, Nunurai and Nadzo drove out and returned home slightly after 2100hours. 

Upon their return Nadzo who was not feeling well went to sleep in the spare bedroom and Nunurai then went into the kitchen to prepare some food for him.

While in the kitchen, he heard his dogs barking in an unusual manner. He then went out to investigate but he could not see anything. He enquired from Munhanga who was outside the cottage if she had seen anything unusual which had caused the dogs to bark continuously..

He allegedly went back into the kitchen but the barking continued. He then advised Madanhi who is his wife that he suspects that there could be some people in the sanitary lane. He then took a torch and went to the eastern side of the durawall to investigate. Upon checking outside the wall using the torch light, he saw three armed male adults standing by the precast wall while in the sanitary lane.

He immediately ran back into the house and advised his wife who was in the bedroom that there were some armed people in the sanitary lane. As Nunurai advanced to close the doors, he saw one of the accused persons approaching. He ran towards the northern side of the yard with the intention of getting into the nearby yard but was caught by one of the accused persons before getting to the wall. He was then dragged back to the main house.

It is alleged Munhanga who was standing outside the cottage, saw Nunurai running to the main house from the durawall while armed accused persons were following behind him. She immediately went into the cottage bedroom where Chitura was. She advised her that she saw armed male adults following Nunurai and they locked their door.

After a short while they heard a bang on their door and suddenly two male adults who were wearing woollen balaclavas got into their room. They ordered the two complainants to surrender their cell phones, Chitura surrendered her dual sim Itel P36 cell phone while Munhanga surrendered her Samsung A9 cell phone. They were force marched to the main house where they saw three other accused persons assaulting complainant Nunurai, Madonhi and Chaleka with iron bars while demanding for some money.

Nunurai surrendered US$300 while Chaleka surrendered US$305 which was in his wallet. The five complainants were taken into the spare bedroom where they received further assaults and threats of rape and of being killed if they fail to avail more money to them.
One of the accused persons went into the other spare bedroom where Nadzo was sleeping and was hit twice on the back with an iron bar. He demanded for some money but he indicated that he had no money on him. While he was being assaulted, he could hear more noise in the corridor of the other accused persons demanding for some money. 

Accused person who was in Nadzo’s room went away but another accused came in and demanded for some money. Upon hearing that had no money he grabbed complainant’s trainers which included Size 10 red and blue Shark O’nell label tekkies, size 10 grey addidas label tekkies, size 10 black and red Jordan label tekkies, Size 10 brown Cowboy boots, coffee brown sweater, various new jeans Macavelli label and a Samsung A12 cell phone with UK subscriber number +447592444378.

It is alleged around the same time the other accused blindfolded Nunurai and took him into the dining room together with his wife where they plugged on the iron and burnt him on the stomach and on both hands. They further assaulted him several times on the buttocks with an iron bar.

Accused persons then took the complainants into the same room again where they had their legs tied and hands tied from the back. Nadzo’s hands were also tied from behind but he was in his room. 

They demanded car keys for Silver Opel Astra, unregistered Toyota Avensis and for the white Honda fit. After being handed over the car keys, the accused persons locked the five complainants in the same room from outside.

They ransacked the whole house and stole 6 bottles of whisky and a Samsung television which they later left in the dining room. Accused persons also stole Samsung 34. Thereafter the accused person drove away in Nunurai’s silver Opel Astra. 

After about 15 minutes Munhanga managed to untie herself and untied all the other victims. Nunurai then broke the burglar bars and exited the room through the window. He then went to neighbouring house where he asked for a phone which he used to alert ZRP Mabelreign.

The complainants in the tenth to 12th count are Faith Mukombwe, Berita Mozaland  and Ancilla Muroiwa.

It is alleged that on November 30 at around 2230 hours Mukombwe heard some footsteps emanating from outside the house an indication there were some people outside her house. She pretended as if she was on the phone with someone whom she was inviting to come to their rescue. This prompted the accused persons to disappear from the scene. On December at around 2300 hours complainant 1 again herd some footsteps from outside her bedroom and she loudly called “thief, thief to alert Mozaland and Muroiwa who were sleeping in the spare bedroom as well as some neighbours. Immediately the accused persons forced open the screen door on the dining room and gained entry into the house.

The accused persons who were wearing balaclavas, armed with an AK 47 Rifle and iron bars got into Mukombwe’s room where they assaulted her all over her body using the iron bars. Accused persons went on to demand some money from Mukombwe. She surrendered US$2 100-00 which was in her wardrobe. Accused persons also took some other money. which was on the dressing table in excess of US$20-00.

The accused persons then force-marched her to the spare bedroom were Mozaland and Muroiwa were sleeping. They assaulted the two complainants before demanding for some money. Muroiwa surrendered her handbag which had US$70-00. Accused persons continuously assaulted the three complainants as they demanded for more money.

They ransacked the whole house and stole a solar battery and inverter,48 Inch Samsung Curve television with a crack at the middle, Blue Samsung A32 cell phone, Gold Samsung note 8 cell phone with cracks on the back and had a zol line, Vivo smart phone.

The accused person further demanded car keys for Mukombwe’s unregistered Toyota Regius and they loaded the loot in complainant’s vehicle and drove off.

Complainant proceeded to ZRP Kuwadzana where she made a report.

The last complainant is Fadzanai Musarurwa of Chadcombe, Harare. 

It is alleged on December 6 at around 2045 hours, complainant arrived at her residence and saw three male adults who were walking near her house. She closed the gate, parked her car and entered the sitting room through the main door. She closed the door behind her and sat on the sofa with her family.

After about five minutes, she heard her dogs barking viciously and she then instructed her brother Masimba Musarurwa to lock the main door as Musarurwa was locking the door, she then heard that there was someone who was trying to force open the door. 

Courage Nemaisa then quickly phoned his father Joseph Nemaisa and informed him that there were intruders at the house and the whole family retreated to their bedrooms and the complainant went into the toilet where she locked herself from inside. The accused forced open the main door to the house using crow bars and screw drivers. Five unknown accused persons entered into the house and began assaulting everyone in the rooms, forced them to lie down and demanded to see the complainant.

The complainant decided to come out of the toilet and she was also assaulted on the face using open hands and she discovered that two of the accused persons were armed with rifles and they demanded for money.

Complainant led them to the bedroom where she handed over US$850 00. The accused ransacked the house and took a Samsung M20 cellphone belonging to the complainant, a Black Acer laptop and a Shot gun.

When the accused persons were about to leave the premises, Joseph Nemaisa arrived at the scene armed with a 9mm Stribog pistol. A fierce exchange of gunfire ensued, Joseph Nemaisa firing from outside through the window, whilst criminals were firing indiscriminately from inside. As a result three male adults namely Brian Koga Tendere, Charles Chirara and Tariro Gora were shot dead. 

The remaining two accused persons then instructed complainant to search the bodies of three accused persons which were lying in the passage and took all their firearms, particulars and cellphones and the complainant complied. 

They got out of the house through one of the spare bedroom windows before escaping from the yard by scaling through the precast wall.

Police attended the scene and recovered 05 Screwdrivers, Empty Brown wallet, short bar Spirit level, L shaped wheel spanner, pliers and a 9mm Norinco Pistol Serial number 40018004 with a magazine of 06 rounds. The walls and windows were extensively damaged, as a result. 

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