Harare man drags land baron to court


By Hardlife Samuwi and Nicholas Gochai

IN the case between Vengayi Godfrey Shata (Complainant), Tendai Masine (Respondent) and the Local Government ministry which took place in Court 1 at the Civil Court on June 2, the matter was postponed to June 9 for commencement at 1115hr.

Circumstances of the matter are that Masine at first allegedly purchased stand number 2482, Retreat Township, Waterfalls in Harare around 2009 which he briefly occupied until 2012.

In the same year, Masine moved to stand number 929, still in Retreat Township, Waterfalls in Harare and allegedly still in agreement with Hatidzokereshure Housing Co-operative Society.

Masine was offered a grace period of two years within which to pay or surrender his occupied stand number 929.

The respondent, however, failed to pay towards purchase of the stand in question, until such time when the due date for payment of the said stand lapsed.
To date, the respondent has been in illegal occupancy of stand number 929, having been ordered by Hatidzokereshure Housing Co-operative and the Local Government ministry whose letter of November 20, 2020 categorically states that Godfrey Shata is the legitimate holder of the stand whose lease number is A/226/19.

The respondent was even summoned by the management committee to discuss the payment plan of what would eventually, upon full payment, be his stand.
Nothing, however, materialised resulting in the co-operative having no choice but to expel him.

The Local Government ministry and Hatidzokereshure Co-operative Society both later endorsed Shata as the rightful owner of the residential stand.

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