Govt fails to pay nurses’ allowances at vaccination centres


By Hardlife Samuwi

Nurses at vaccination centers around the country have cried foul after government failed to pay them allowances which they were promised when the vaccination program began.

The nurses were promised US$10 per day since February but government has gone mum after giving them allowances for one month.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post the President of Zimbabwe nurses association (ZNA) Enock Dongo said the failure to pay nurses their allowances is unfair given that nurses have been working under pressure.

“It is unfair labor practice by our Government especially when it promised to do so. Goernment should honor its promises.”

“Nurses are working day and day out at several vaccination centers but no one is being paid, promises for allowances were made but no one was paid that’s why you see the rampant corruption by nurses who are now selling vaccinaton certificates every day,” Dongo said.

 “Health workers can hardly have bread and butter on the table for their families. They have been reduced to beggars and the government should make a plan to review their salaries in accordance to poverty datum line. This is supposed to be as soon as possible,” said Dongo.

A nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity said the failure to pay the allowances has forced nurses to abandon working at vaccination centers.

 “We are understaffed because some nurses denied working in the frontline.  Currently nurses are resigning enmass and we are now working for 26 days instead of 16 days per month,” the source said.

There has been a massive exodus of health care practitioners heading to Europe since the outbreak of COVID-19 with a number of nurses moving to United Kingdom while junior doctors are moving to other SADC countries among them, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania.


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