Gospel musician speaks out over kidnapping claims


MUTARE – One of Zimbabwe’s top gospel musician, Blessing Shumba, has denied trending social media reports claiming he recently kidnapped a Mount Selinda juvenile in Chipinge.

Shumba dismissed the allegations as the work of his rivals who said were trying to tarnish his image.

A message which went viral on WhatsApp claimed Shumba kidnapped the boy (name withdrawn) with the help of other two males and a female.

The report further said Shumba was apprehended by the police manning a roadblock during the current lockdown exercise, leading to ‘his arrest.

The police in Mutare have denied ever arresting Shumba over the kidnapping allegations.

Contacted for a comment on Thursday, Shumba said: “I have never been to Mount Selinda of late. I am actually at home as we speak during this lockdown. I am shocked but unmoved. It is the work of the Devil and his followers.”

He said: “l did not kidnap anyone. God does not allow me to do that. The Devil manifests in different forms and in this case, he wanted to tarnish my image.

“But, he is not going to achieve his agenda.”

The famous singer, who leads the Holly Psalms Of Mutare Band, said: “I am overwhelmed by enquiries being made by some concerned people. I want to thank all my fans and family members who have showed concern by calling me and texting me. I want to thank all Zimbabweans for their concerns and I want to assure them that I am very safe.”

He added: “For how long will l be persecuted by these people. I know it is the work of my detractors who want to tarnish my image and personal integrity.

“There are some people who do not want to see me doing the work of God. they always try to destruct my good will with such insinuations,” Shumba said.

The Hama Dzatinadzo hit-maker said the author of the message should seek divine intervention in his life.

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