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Ghostly Panic at Mberi Primary School: Stampede Leaves Student Injured

Ghostly Panic at Mberi Primary School: Stampede Leaves Student Injured

Chaos erupted at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, as one student was injured in a stampede. Students in Grade 4 Yellow were terrified by what they believed to be a ghost in the form of a woman.

Panic and Disruption

According to witnesses, the presence of the alleged ‘ghost’ on a classroom table caused panic among both students and the teacher, leading to a chaotic scene. Frightened by the shadowy figure, everyone fled the classroom.

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“Nhasi vana vatizazve muclass iyoyo kusvikira headmaster Jena vadaidza vakuru vavo,” said one witness. 

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Parental Concerns and Suspicions

Parents and guardians rushed to the school to collect their children. Most of the parents expressed concerns about the safety of the students. Speculations arose, with one parent suggesting a possible connection to occult practices among school staff members.

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“There should be something frightening our children at the school,” said one parent. “We strongly suspect that one of the staff members dabbles in Satanism.” 

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Official Investigation Underway

Authorities from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education have launched an investigation into the incident. Additionally, district education officials, led by Kureva, were seen leaving the school premises after gathering information for their report.

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Health Concerns Amidst Chaos

Amidst the commotion, one student fell ill and required medical attention. The headmaster, Mr. Jena, mentioned that the student was taken care of in his office. However, he expressed frustration about some parents refusing to participate in insurance schemes that assist with medical expenses.