Gaika Mine eviction latest: ZANU PF stalwart Mupereri ignores court order,plots re-invasion

Former Mbizo parliamentarian Vongai Mupereri and mastermind of the youths’ illegal invasion of Gaika gold mine in Kwekwe has breached a High Court order that stated that he report to Connemara Prison for contempt of court.
The order was witnessed by Chief Justice Luke Malaba and was reached after he defied a previous court order that ruled that he and the illegal invaders vacate Gaika gold mine.
However, Mupereri is roaming around free and this publication understands that last week he was inciting ZANU PF youths to retake control of the mine and resume illegal mining operations.
“On Saturday, they held a meeting at the party (ZANU PF) offices where the main agenda was the issue of retaking control of the mine.
“The youths were being incited to forcefully resume illegal mining operations but a voice of reason among the senior officials advised them that they face arrest should they attempt to reinvade the mine,” revealed our source.
“Mupereri then went to Gweru on the same day trying to seek support from senior politicians and Joint Operations Command (JOC) but it was all in vain.
“They advised him to uphold the rule of law,” added the source.
Meanwhile, Mupereri ‘s incitement of a violent take-over of the mine has been linked to a nasty incident that occurred on Friday where an attempt on the mine manager Hennie Meyers’ life was made.
It is alleged that four machete wielding people clad in ZANU PF regalia went to Meyer’s house with an intention of attacking him but security pressed a panic button and Safeguard reaction team were swift enough to chase away the assailants.
The matter was reported to the police and investigating officer was only identified as Mubaiwa.
Heavily armed members from the military and police force sealed off the mine and cordoned off the whole mining area last week.
However, two days prior to the police invasion, the illegal invaders transported tonnes of ore to surrounding mills believed to be owned by powerful politicians from the ruling party.
The mine has been at the centre of controversy and protracted legal battles.
A number of deaths have been reported at the mine and it has been brought to the Midlands mining administrator’s attention.
Mupereri has been making relentless efforts to retake control of the mine despite a subsisting court order.