COVID-19 statistics: Pvt Dr exposes Govt on number of confirmed cases

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  • Pvt Dr Solanki says he has patients
  • Gvt says confirmed cases are 11

GOVERNMENT on Tuesday revealed that the COVID-19 confirmed positive cases have reached eleven, with two deaths -the latest being a 79-year old Bulawayo man who died last Saturday.

However, events obtaining on the ground point out to massive inaccuracy of these statistics-with the number of cases believed to be more than the officially stated.

Investigations by Zim Morning Post established that the statistics availed by the Ministry Health Ministry and Child Care do not consider cases treated at private medical facilities thereby causing a discrepancy between the stated figures and the reality.

On Wednesday Trauma Centre Borrowdale owner Vivek Solanki’s tweet opened a can of worms, as it tellingly showed that more cases were being treated outside of the government designated care centres.

“I’m finding GE present in Covid-19 patients about halfway through their illness,is it due to Azithromycin upsetting gut flora,” read Solanki’s tweet.

The tweet made it clear that an additional unknown number of COVID-19 cases were being clinically managed at private medical facilities apart from government structures.

Zim Morning Post established that government managed samples are tested by the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory(NMRL), while private players engage independent testing laboratories.

In an interview with this publication on Wednesday Solanki refused to divulge finer details of his operations citing that it was a “sensitive issue”.

“The reason for the tweet was just for mere discussion with my international colleagues for a healthy progressive debate.

“GE is basically some form of diarrhoea,” said Solanki.

When asked on where he treats his patients, Solanke preferred to remain mum.

“Unfortunately I’m not in a position to comment on that, but what I can tell you is there are discussions,” he said.

After being asked by citizens on his twitter handle Solanki said he has patients outside the country.

This, however, is in sharp contrast to what he told the Zim Morning Post.

Despite his responses which are contradictory a couple of days ago Solanki sent out messages seeking to recruit medical practitioners who wanted to be in the frontline of the novel coronavirus virus battle at a private hospital.

A fortnight ago, Solanki told this publication that the private sector was engaging government with view of identifying locations that can be used as dedicated COVID-19 care centres countrywide.

Revelations made by Case 11’s doctor also give credence to information that some samples do not go through the NMRL.

He revealed that the City Health department had advised him that he will be tested when symptoms start to exhibit.

This compelled him to approach Harare based Lancet Laboratories to have his samples tested.

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