City businessman in adultery storm, impregnates shop attendant

In happier times: Vincent Chikwanha and erstwhile wife Joyce

By Hardlife Samuwi

HARARE businessman and chief executive of Freeway and Driveways construction company Vincent Chikwanha is embroiled in an adultery storm where he is alleged to be in an extra-marital affair and allegedly impregnated a shop attendant identified as Shorai Mafuta.

Shorai is stationed at a Total Service Station in Mabvuku.

This affair is despite the fact that his marriage to Joyce Chikwanha is still subsisting.

The couple is married under Marriage Act 5:11.

“Mr Chikwanha is legally married to Joyce and they have three children  the two are blessed with 3 children and the youngest is in grade 6 and the other two sons are married.

“His girlfriend Shorai is pregnant as we speak and he also sired another secret love child with a woman called Natalie,” revealed our source who is close to the family.

Chikwanha confirmed the development and argued that it was his private life and he is at liberty to act as he pleases.

“Who is your source of my private life?

“ I don’t care what people say and who says what I’m not going to give you any furher information about that issue,  your source must tell you everything and I have a right to do what I want,” fumed Chikwanha in a telephone interview.

His wife Joyce corroborated with him and said her hands were tied and she cannot stop the extra-marital affair.

“Well, what can I do if the two are in love.

“I have nothing to do and did you ask him about this issue before calling me, “said Joyce who was seemingly hesitant to speak out.

Efforts to get a comment from Shorai hit a snag as her mobile phone was not reachable at the time of writing.

Hubby Snatcher?: Shorai Mafuta, the woman who is part of the love triangle

Freeway and Driveways has landed major contracts with big organisations like TM Pick N Pay.

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