Chiwenga divorce: VP in a fix as Marry rejects out of court settlement


ENSTRANGED wife of the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Marry, has all but rejected an out of court divorce settlement offer amid reports that she says the issue has to be stettled in court as initially demanded by the applicant.

This comes on the backdrop of reports last week that Justice Christopher Dube-Banda deferred the matter to Tuesday so as to allow the parties involved to negotiate.

However, sources close to the defence counsel said Marry is in a “no nonsense mood and would want the matter to be settled in court.”

The applicant is the one who brought the issue to the courts so there is no need for it to be settled out of courts,” said the source.

What has now changed that the applicant feels the issue can be resolved without the courts?

He (Chiwenga) was ill-advised and Marry is only playing her part as the respondent.”

“Unless something major happens this morning (Monday), Marry has since last Friday indicated to her defence counsel that she will not accept an out of court settlement.”

As reported by this publication last week, Marry appears to be putting Chiwenga in a tight corner because “she has already lost a lot.”

Sources told this publication that: “Marry took the opportunity to drag Chiwenga into a tight corner and concentrated on their social problems instead of the allegations raised by Chiwenga.”

“She went for broke and brought into the courts Chiwenga’s ambitions to be the president as well as his use of some prohibited drugs and in the process threw the applicant off the rail.

“She also exposed how the couple benefited from proceeds of command agriculture, a government programme which many see as a feeding trough for those in power.”

She has even started exposing many things we are not aware of and she also has nothing to lose,” said the source.


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