Chiwanza takes the Shift to UK

Flamboyant businessman and ZIFA board member Chamu Chiwanza has taken his popular corporate executive think tank  –The Shift- across the oceans.

This follows an announcement made this week that The Shift –will be launched in the United Kingdom on March 3 where he will be guest of honour.

The Shift is a business enterprise scheme that brings together young business people to discuss and find lasting solution on financial, entrepreneurship, academic and social issues affecting them so that they become financial literate and be master of their destiny.

Previously, the youthful businessman Chiwanza has hosted South African entrepreneur   DJ Sbu at one episode of the Shift at a local hotel.

Chiwanza is one of the most influential and established young businessman in Zimbabwe. He is a former Affirmative Action Group president, Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe former president. He is actively involved in Simba Savannah a reality show which helps emerging African entrepreneurs to realise their dreams. Simba Savannah is supported by the United States Embassy in Zimbabwe. He is also a ZIFA board member, – the youngest in the country’s footballing history.

Since its formation five years ago, Chiwanza has empowered many young people during his lecturers. He has travelled in many cities and countries empowering young business people on how best they can navigate their terrains and bring out the best in themselves and business they venture into.

He has also showed his philanthropy side by donating goods to underprivileged members of the society in the high density suburb of Mabvuku where he grew up.

Some of his popular statement over the year has been:  

“It is not always easy to move forward especially when an economy is not stable. But the pain of letting go is less than the pain of holding on and missing your destiny.”