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Braeside Man Arrested for Molesting 18-Year-Old Maid

Braeside Man Arrested for Molesting 18-Year-Old Maid

A 36-year-old man from Braeside, Evans Molani, was arrested for allegedly molesting his 18-year-old maid on Saturday.

Police Spokesperson Confirmed the Case

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the arrest. He revealed that the victim had been referred to the MSF Clinic for a thorough medical examination.

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Details of the Assault

According to Inspector Chakanza, on the night of February 10, around 11 pm, Molani, who was drunk, arrived home and demanded that his maid serve him food. Complying with his request, the young woman served him as instructed.

Tragic Turn of Events

However, Molani’s actions took a horrifying turn when he forcefully seized the maid and allegedly raped her without using any protection. The traumatized victim reached out to the landlady and was advised to inform Molani’s wife about the incident, ultimately leading to his arrest.

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Two Thigh Vendors Molested and Robbed in Mbare

In a separate incident, two sex workers became victims of a brutal crime near Mukuvisi River in Mbare on Saturday night.

Details of the Crime

According to Inspector Chakanza, the two thigh vendors were approached by two unidentified men who sought their services. Agreeing to accompany the men to one of their residences in Joburg Lines, Mbare, the women boarded a commuter omnibus that dropped them near Rufaro Stadium.

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A Nightmare Unfolds

Tragically, the women were led to a secluded location near Mukuvisi River, specifically a maize field behind Gwinyai Primary School. It was there that one of the accused brandished an Okapi knife, threatening the victims’ lives unless they complied with their demands.

Violence and Robbery

Under duress, the women surrendered their cellphones and cash. One victim gave up a Huawei cellphone and $70, while the other relinquished an Itel cellphone. The assailants then forced the victims to undress and sexually assaulted them without using protection.