Boxing promoter accused of funding luxurious lifestyle through illegal sale of State land


THE HEAD of Special Anti-Corruption Unit (Sacu) Thabani Mpofu has said his office is seized with several complaints of people who have been duped of land by businessman and boxing promoter Felix Munyaradzi.

The Harare land baron is accused of illegally selling State land and stands without servicing them and is saddled with over 66 High Court civil suits for damages totalling millions of US dollars.

“More members of the public are coming forward to file complaints against Munyaradzi on similar allegations of activities of a criminal nature involving land transactions,” said Mpofu.

Munyaradzi was implicated after Sacu noted findings of the Land Audit.

“The investigations into his land deals are taking into consideration the findings of the land commission which implicated him,” Mpofu continued.

Munyaradzi has since appeared in court and is languishing in remand prison after he was denied bail at Harare magistrates’ court last week.

Circumstances leading to Munyaradzi’s arrest on the initial charges are that in 2015, his company Delatfin Investment (Pvt) Ltd entered into a swap deal with controversial businessman Delish Nguwaya for the sale of stands in exchange of a Toyota Prado.

Delatfin Investment sold three residential stands — Numbers 1572, 1516 and 1471 — in Sandton Park, Mt Hampden worth US$50 000.

Nguwaya is said to have surrendered the Prado (registration ADQ 3688) and an agreement of sale was signed on February 2, 2018.

It is alleged that Munyaradzi went on to sell the stands to other people, which prompted Nguwaya to engage him.

The court heard that Munyaradzi then agreed to compensate Nguwaya with eight smaller stands in Sandton Park, Harare.

Using the same modus operandi, Munyaradzi allegedly went on to sell one of the stands to one Tawanda Mashumba for US$30 000.

Nguwaya lost US$15 000 in the process. On April 20, 2015 Delatfin Investment was offered 120 hectares of land by the Ministry of Local Government for residential stands development.

The piece of land was State land and is currently being used by Zimbabwe Republic Police for breeding horses.

Sometime in 2016, Munyaradzi through his Delatfin Investment, allegedly fraudulently sold the stand to a woman identified only as Gabaza for US$18 000.

Munyaradzi is also alleged to have sold another stand in Sandton Phase 3 to one Dondo for US$22 000 and also sold another stand in the same neighbourhood to top cop Erasmus Makodza for US$40 000.

Makodza is said to have later discovered that the same stand had been sold to someone named Nyongo by Munyaradzi, compelling him to lodge a complaint with the police.

It is believed Munyaradzi used part of the proceeds to fund a luxurious lifestyle and boxing promotion.



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