Barwick ‘abusive’ teacher arrested

CRIMES of passion and murder are on the increase following reports that a 33-year-old woman killed her husband's second wife aged 21 after the two had been involved in a dispute over laundry duties, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Barwick Primary School teacher, Hilton Mafanya  who is believed to have sexually harassed four minor pupils at the school is scheduled to appear before a Mvurwi magistrate to answer to charges of sexual assault.

Mafanya who was on the run since the matter came to light was today apprehended by the police pending his initial appearance before court.

As reported by this publication allegations against Mafanya are that he was in the habit of molesting little girls in his class at the elite boarding school.

Several allegations have been raised by pupils at the school amidst fears that worse could be happening to the minor pupils admitted at the boarding facility.

Parents dressed in their sleeping gear last week made their way to Concession demanding entrance into the hostels to take their children home for fear they could have been victimised in the scandal.

Reports gathered by this publication are to the effect that this incident is not a first as there have been many others of a similar nature involving pupils who have long since departed from the school and no legal action or criminal charges had been preferred for any of the alleged perpetrators until now.

It is alleged that the former headmaster was fired after it was discovered he was having a sexual relationship with a grade seven pupil and no legal action was taken except the termination of his contract.

During a meeting convened by the board of governors in Harare last week, many other cases alleged sexual assault reports emerged ranging from sodomy, exposure to pornographic material to pupils, availing of morning after tablets (contraceptive) to pupils believed to have been sexualy abused and molestation of pupils by caretakers.

Of the four girls allegedly victimized by Mafanya, two were new and had just been enrolled at the school this term.

Barwick is one of the most expensive private schools in the country where children are admitted with the hope that they will be safe as they learn away from home and away from the usual family setup.

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