AAG holds CUT interface meeting in bid to inspire students


    By Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

    Business magnates who lead the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) on Saturday opened up to Chinhoyi University students on how they have climbed up the ladder, in an interface empowerment meeting that will see the group touring other tertiary institutions.

    Students also took turns to emphasise the importance of being empowered to run their own businesses to enable them to tackle their day to day problems.

    “We want AAG to teach us to make our own money so that we can address our problems. Right now our parents are struggling to pay tuition for us to continue learning. As a result, many students are dropping out of school and may fail to continue with their education. If we are empowered, we can be able to pay for our own education and lower the rate of those who are dropping out,” said a student only identified as Sandra.

    Another student said they were struggling to survive on campus as accommodation and meals are becoming very expensive, and called for AAG to teach students to make their own money to enable them to meet these costs.

     “Campus life is now expensive due to financial constraints. Accommodation and meals are now expensive and this is forcing students to live in deplorable conditions. Some of our fellow female students are now being pushed into dating rich people for money to use on campus and this is exposing young people to diseases and unwanted pregnancies. So teach us to make our own money so that we can meet these costs,” the student said.

    In his Address, AAG Vice President Passion Java told students that there are Universal laws that guide people to make money and those who follow them will never go wrong.

    “To make money, you have to follow three universal laws that guide you. The first one is to work within the confines of the country’s law to avoid being arrested. The second one is to study the country’s politics and the last one is to appreciate the culture of the people in the country or place you intend to operate in. These are the laws that if you follow, you will make money,” he said. 

    “AAG is an apolitical organisation but we work with President Emmerson Mnangagwa so that we can benefit from the economic programs he has launched like the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) which enables us to participate in key sectors like Mining, Agriculture and Industrial Development. I encourage you to participate in these programs so that you can make money,” said Java.

    AAG President Mike Chimombe said the organisation is going to do all it can to empower students across all tertiary institutions so that they can run their own businesses and make money.

    “Today’s interface with students at Chinhoyi University was good because it gave us the opportunity to hear their challenges. Our organisation is going to do all it can to empower them through working with various departments in government and the corporate sector. We want students and youths to get into reserved economic sectors like bakeries, grain milling, small-scale mining and agriculture for them to start making money and participate in the economy,” he said. 

    “We are going to continue holding such meetings in all state tertiary institutions across Zimbabwe to exchange tips and notes with students on issues of empowerment. We want students to be financially independent even when they are still at school so that they can address the challenges they are facing,” said Chimombe.

    The event saw students participating in a question and answer segment which saw three students getting US$50 each for answering correctly from Mike Chimombe

    Meanwhile, Chimombe pledged to pay tuition, accommodation and provide food for four students from vulnerable backgrounds at the University.

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