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700 Buses Swarm to National Sports Stadium for  Mnangagwa’s Inauguration

700 Buses Swarm to National Sports Stadium for  Mnangagwa’s Inauguration

The government of Zimbabwe has mobilized approximately 700 buses nationwide to transport citizens to the National Sports Stadium in Harare for President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration today.

Mnangagwa Declared Winner

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) officially announced on August 26 that Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged victorious in the presidential election held on August 23 and 24. Mnangagwa secured 2,350,711 million votes, representing 52.6% of the total ballots cast.

Dispute Over Election Results

However, Nelson Chamisa of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), who came in second with 1,967,343 million votes (44%), is disputing the election outcome, citing alleged incidents of vote theft and fraud.

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Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa shared in a statement that President Mnangagwa’s inauguration ceremony will take place today, September 4, 2023. The main festivities is  held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, followed by a luncheon at State House for invited dignitaries.

Bus Allocation and Political Neutrality

According to an unnamed government official, each constituency has been assigned a minimum of three buses to facilitate transportation to the National Sports Stadium. Local Government minister July Moyo is overseeing the logistics, ensuring that transportation is provided to all, irrespective of their political affiliation.

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Constitutional Concerns

Lawyer Jeremiah Bamu expressed concern over the timing of the inauguration. He cited that invitations were issued prior to the expiration of the seven-day period. Bamu also outlined what the Constitution says concerning contesting the election results, reported newsday.

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“Section 93 of the Constitution states that aggrieved candidates may challenge the validity of an election of a president within seven days, in this case it was Saturday,” stated Bamu. “However, there are concerns that preparation for tomorrow (today) inauguration started within the seven days  of the electoral challenge given by the Constitution, meaning to say they had eliminated any possibility of electoral challenges.”